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Semtech 2021 Workshop

In February I had the honor to participate in the SemTech 2021 Semantic Web workshop that was sponsored by the Indian Statistical Institute. The workshop was originally going to be last year (hence the date on the logo) but then the pandemic happened. We had planned to make this a very hands-on workshop which was a bit more difficult to do virtually but thanks to the hard work of Biswanath Dutta and his team I think we managed pretty well.

People who are new to OWL and other Semantic Web technologies might find some of the presentations useful. All the presentations, both slides and videos can be found here. In addition, I've taken some of the presentations that I think are the most useful and put them in a Google drive for easy access here. Also, if you want the Powerpoint versions for any of my presentations send me an email (my email is in every one of my presentations) and I can send them to you.


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