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New Protégé Pizza Tutorial

Updated: Apr 7

I've written a new version of the Pizza Tutorial for Protégé . The long version of the Pizza tutorial has had minor inconsistencies with the latest Protégé UI for quite some time. The differences were fairly trivial but since a tutorial should be as clear as possible they could make things difficult for some users, especially those not already familiar with object-oriented modeling. I've addressed those differences I've also made many changes based on the kinds of issues I've seen new users grapple with. Finally, I've added new sections for tools like SWRL, SPARQL, and SHACL.

Note: Today (4/7/2021) I've replaced the previous version with a newer version, version 3. This version includes the following changes:

  • I changed the UI highlighting from Grey to Yellow. Several people commented that the grey was hard to read.

  • I added a new chapter on using Web Protégé with Desktop Protégé.

  • I added a new section to the SHACL chapter with a bit more detail on basic SHACL concepts and two figures where I graphed the Pizza SHACL shapes in Gruff from Franz Inc.

The new tutorial can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/NewPizzaTutorialV3 There is also a link in the tutorial to the following file: https://tinyurl.com/PizzaWDataV2 This is a solution to the initial tutorial development and also has some additional individuals and data properties which can be used to test the new parts of the tutorial that deal with SWRL, SPARQL, and SHACL.

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